Everything we do, we do with your skin needs in mind. How do we know what these are? We experience this every day in dealing with our customers at Urban Spa - the home of The Skin System. Patrizia Wagner opened the first of what are now three salons in Hamburg in 2008 and since then has been finding out every day how she and her team can strengthen your skin against daily environmental influences. All of the innovations created in this way, such as The Skin System active ingredient systems, are based on the simple SFH principle. See, feel, hear. We see what demands our customers' skin places on them, we feel which treatments the pores and wrinkles react to and we hear which products our customers are missing in their care routine - and then we simply make them ourselves.

Vegan and without...

What we are happy to do without

It's not a sacrifice when your skin and the environment win. Animal supplements aren't necessary to develop an effective, rich skincare routine - why should we use them? For us it goes without saying that all our care systems are vegan. Our highly effective ingredients are biotechnologically manufactured in Germany in compliance with the highest level of purity. All other ingredients that make The Skin System unique come from nature.

Pure, clean care, without microplastics and without harmful substances such as PEGs and parabens. In addition, we do not use plasticizers and do not use petroleum, which closes the pores of your skin. For healthy skin and the environment.